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hw0318 Information from Gason, Volgelsang, Meyer and Flierl



[Five column table]

Marital Group A

[Column 1] [Column 2] [Column 3 ] [Column 4] [Column 5]Gason Vogelsang Meyer FlierlHusband Noa noa Noa noaHusband's brother Noa wauka ------ [Kadi - crossed out] Jimari F Sister's husband Noa wauka ------ Yimari JimariAccessory husband Pirauru --------- Nginjaru Pirauru ? or NginjaruWife Noa noa noa noaWife's sister Noa noa ngattata Kamari Jimari or noa wakaM Brother's wife Noa noa yimari Yimari JimariAccessory wife Pirauru ------------- pirauguru noa?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Filial Group [B C - crossed out] B

M Son Athamoora ngata mura ngata mura ngata muraM Brother's Son Athamoora ngata mura ngata mura ngata muraM Wife's Sister's son ---------? ngata mura ngata mura ---------?M Pirauru's son Athamoora ------------------------------------------- ---------?F Son Athanie ngatani ngatani ngattaniF Sister's son Athanie wauka --------------- ngatani ----------?F Husband's Brother's son --------? --------------------- ngatani - ngattaniF Pirauru's son athanie wauka? --------------------------------------- ----------?-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Parental Group C

Father Apirie Appiri aperi aperiFather's brother apirie wauka appiri mama aperi waka ormamaMother's Sister's Husband apirie wauka appiri apiri waka aperi wakaMother's pirauru apirie wauka --------------- ngin aperi waka ?Mother andrie ngandri andri andriMother's Sister andrie wauka ngandri ----------------- andri wakaFather's brother's wife andrie wauka ngandri andri waka andri waka or jibiFather's pirauru andrie wauka ----------------- --------------- andri waka--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fraternal Group D

Elder Brother Niehie negi negi mejiElder Sister Kakoo Kauku Kaku KakuYounger Brother Athata ngatata ngattata ngattataYounger Sister Athata ngattata ngattata ngattataM Fath. Bro. son niehie negi negi neji ----? (1) or athata or ngattata or ngattataor ngattata[ditto] [ditto] daughter Kakoo Kauku Kaku Kaku --?or athata or ngattata or ngattataMoth. Sist. son niehie negi negi neji ---? or athata or ngattata or ngattata[ditto] [ditto] daughter Kakoo Kauku Kaku or athata or ngattata or ngattata Kaku ---?Father Sister's son cumimie Kami Kami Kami [ditto] [ditto] daughter cummie Kami Kami Kami Mother's brother's son cumimie Kamie Kami Kami [ditto] [ditto] daughter cumimie Kamie Kami Kami

(1) give his note

(1)The age of the respective parents of [?] (cousins!!!) determines their ages as to the children.i. In the circular filled in by Mr Flierl these referred to the numbers representing [Fall. [?] Brother & 7 [?] B. daughter -crossed out][respectively - crossed out] generally [Fath par - crossed out] the [son of - crossed out] child of the clan brother or sister of the parent of the person speaking [this is all - crossed out]Thus Fath. Eld Broth. is = Apiri pirna (Flierl) + Moth. Younger sister's husband = apiri waka (Flierl)

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hw0329 Samuel Gason to Howitt 20 December 1882




Cummie. (cousin) as they are considered Blood Relation

You seem to thorou-ghly understand my meaning as to Blood Relationship, by your notes in your last letter, and as you say it is diffacult [sic], to make the public understand the word Blood Relationship, but as you seem now to clearly grasp the relation-ship of the Dieyerie, you will have no diffaculty [sic] in explaining more fully than I have done to you - of course Mother, Father, Sister, Brother come under Blood Relationship, (Booyooloo)as the cousins - as mentioned above Page 8. -

Question of the exact relationship of the women who places the Cooireround the Boys' neck, She is not [2 words underlined] of the same murdoo, nor any relationship whatever

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