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(44) Bilibileri [underlined] - helped Capt Durra to make police men He talk white peopel in camp every night for a week - then he [brought?] his men to Capt Durra He said "Me king - I no ride on horse. Young men do so - not me."

Gellibrand a good man - when name was Beruke ([Kunjurinat?]) - ([run?] on his mother when born,

(45) Porpoise - What called by Berak

(46) [?] they skin a number?

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(47) Puppernū bŭl - made the sun is - [Estraleta temporalis??]

(47)A The Wurrŭng-bŭung-ŭttias calling the Fiery Ck blacks - an the "old spirits"-p 66

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Woëwurung(1) Marriage arranged by the two fathers oftenwhen girl was quite small but the actualmarriage was not until the old men haddecided that the time had arrived.(2) a sister of the man had to be given in exchangefor the girl given for his wife

(3) Those who might lawfully marry were Be-arnto each other

(4) at the great meetings the old men arranged which of the young women wasold enough to be sent to the places wheretheir future husband lived - who took them?

(5) Does he remember Eliza - her father of [?Darling?] [?River?] tribe who waspromised to Billy Hamilton of Goulburn tribe- an also Gellibrand (Ber-uke = Kangaroo Rat)of Melbourne tribe? Does he rememberfight between Gellibrand + Hamilton at Sandy Ckwhen Būnwurung, Woewurung + 3 other tribes werepresent - + when Gellibrand beat Hamilton?(Billy remembers all this)

(6) Does he know Binbeal - the Rainbow?Yes Binbeal one of Bunjil's young men

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(11) (7) Does he remember the old man of the Moogolumbeek tribe - when alot (7)of tribes were in the Govt. Paddock + allof them listened to what the old man said.Who was he? Kala Kalas Knocking orThumpingwith the fist or heel

(8) ask about exchnge of sisters

(9) draw up pedigree of William also of hisfahter's sister +c

(10) were marriages made up at all the greatmeetings? "Wangkūn?"

(11) Bilibeari - SisterCaptain Turnbull - SisterJack brother by - BebijernWilliamDavid

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