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(44) Bilibileri [underlined] - helped Capt Durra to make police men He talk white peopel in camp every night for a week - then he [brought?] his men to Capt Durra He said "Me king - I no ride on horse. Young men do so - not me."

Gellibrand a good man - when name was Beruke ([Kunjurinat?]) - ([run?] on his mother when born,

(45) Porpoise - What called by Berak

(46) [?] they skin a number?

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(47) Puppernū bŭl - made the sun is - [Estraleta temporalis??]

(47)A The Wurrŭng-bŭung-ŭttias calling the Fiery Ck blacks - an the "old spirits"-p 66

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