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XM33_ICDMS_lowres May Benson to Howitt 1 September 1906



1/9/07BrendaGoodoga Sept 1st 1906

My dear Mr HowittI am very sorry I was unable to send inthe papers before. Theyare certainly truly a pleasureas I am very interested+ it is lovely to have you go to all the trouble you doto explain things.

I have not attepted theessay as I have been illand the Dr has ordered me away for a rest.

I am shortly going on to theNarran and will be joininga good camp of Darkies& I may possibly findout about the marriage line

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Letter of 1.12.07

You have asked me to compilewhat I could of the socialorganisation I think that"Margoolah" + Boomberahwould come under thisheading. So I will give itto you as old Ipatha gaveit to me.

"Long time ago black fellowswere like Kangeroo's [sic] andIguannas [sic], then " old fellowblack fellow here comes, andcall himself "Birrah-nooloo" [Birral-mooloo -written above]4 (God) he been watch [watch - written below] Kangeroo [sic]& saw that some lay at the[and saw that some lay at the - written below]foot of the tree while others[foot of the tree while others- written below]lay further away in the[lay further away in the - written below]shade of the foliage"[shade of the foliage - crossed out]the former he called "Boomberah"[The former he called Boomberrah- written below]and the latter Margoolah[and the latter Margoolah- written below]the same way with theIguanna [sic]. One kind of Iguanna [sic][one kind Iguana - written below]will burrow under the[will burrow under the - crossed out]

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25 May - to HinnomunjieE. muzzlewood in full bloomE. macrorhyncha on gullies hillsideof morass, also E. globulus, E. rubida E. viminalis; E. amygdalina narrow leaf ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Oscar Ryan - Omeo-------------------------------------------------------------------[?] way to Moyay? 26/5/07at [I?] [tree?] [stream?] of [?] [?]about 2 mile below Quin's at turn off of old road by a new [arc?] -In left bank - where again rejoin the old road before arriving is black box

2/26.5/07 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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27 May Moyay or Moyang?1/27.5/07 - near junction of [Nav. ck?] with Tambo /[?] 150 - 200 - yds small boulder in [creek?] [?] ---------------------------------------------------------2/27.5.07 - Mt [Nyabath?] Ckdyke intrusive into g.m. [?] also [granite?] vein[heavy?] dyke.--------------------------------------------------------------[3. crossed out] contact of ['with' crossed out] granites & Felstone -

3/ 27 5.07 4/27.5.07

[calculate?] - 4 - adjoining it at [say?] 20 ft

[diagram of geology showing dyke]

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Same left hand branch of creek--------------------------------------------------above [continual?] here [thus?] (5)[aureous?]5 [Stratigraphy? diagram under 5]

5/27.5.07 [next to diagram][2 lines crossed out]

6/27.5.07 - boulder in creek

(7)/27.5.07 - [line crossed out][spotted?] cherts[spotted?] schists at lunch camp

8/27.5.07Returnlunch camp [diagram down rest of page of hills creeks, north arrow etc.]Returned [next to cross on diagram]Black & oftenspherulitesall [form?] [?] & [?] glassgranite rock

[In box on left side]7/27.5.07layerspherulesMt StrezleckiCk [End of box]

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Follow up the left hand branch nearly to where it rises behind the southern [word crossed out] point of the creek of Mt Strezleki Range.

Where the [head?] branch the [rock?] by [central?] black [?] [place?] - or [prickly?] [trip?] [word crossed out] included in a[?] [basis?]. Black in hut but [continually?] [when?] [blacks?] were in [situ?] [about?] [show?] cold [?] [numerous?] frequent of layeredfelsite.

Much of the rock [was?] [spherulites?]

paid ]no/-?] [underlined] [?] 76 top James [Clamey? or Clancy?] [underlined]

Arbur Creek [underlined] Bluey! CreekMt Strezleki Ck[?] Bluey Ckby Mt Kay [but?] [back?][ship?] who has [?] [?]

[Diagonal lower LHS] [Mt?] Rose [underlined][a?] [?] where[?] [Buck?] [?] [finely?][?] [?]again

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XM31_ICDMS_lowres Handwritten draft notes



[During- crossed out] In the preparation of the communication I havereceived important information [from - crossed out] through thecourtesy of [the Secretar- crossed out] Mr R. H. Beardmore the Secretaryto the Board for Protection of Aborigines, in SydneyThe Superintendent of Police for theBourke District has forwarded two reports[made to him as to the Kurnu amd Murawari - crossed out][tribes and one - crossed out] as to the Approximate number of[Aborigines - crossed out] Full Blood and Half Caste Aborigines in the BourkeDistrict, the Kurnu, and the Mūrawari tribes. [The essen These reports show that- crossed out][the decrease of the aborigine in the last - crossed out][ten years to have been from - crossed out]It appears that the number of Aborigines tenyears ago [in the - crossed out] and since in the Bourke District were as follows:1898 Full Blood Aborigines 824 Half Caste Aborigines 4541907 [ditto] ditto 540 ditto 425The Bourke District comprise an area of N. S. W.[appr - crossed out] consisting of 24 counties and approximately toone third of the area of the State ([which is 310, 700 square miles])The county on the left Side of the Darling River[was I th- crossed out] has II think been occupied for more than 50 yearswhile that on the right Side, [has - crossed out] to the Queensland border wasnot occupied more than 45 years ago, when I travelled it [in search - crossed out] when searching forthe Burke + Wills expedition [I do think up - crossed out] The decreasein the Aboriginal population was normally here greater during thatlonger period of occupied by the whites, and I ccannot think thatthe greater part of the Full blood Aborigines will be found inthe country north west of the Darling River - and the Queensland border

[written in left side margin]Date of Report'commitee' 14/8/07re Kurnu + Murawari 14/9/07


19071861-2[1907 - crossed out][54 - crossed out]45

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hw0402 Howitt to Miss Benson 14/08/1899



Draft letter to Miss Benson 14/8/07

Since I posted my letter to you on the 7th inst. Ihave had a matter in my mind which I hopewill consider my my justification in troubling you again.It arose out of the Ipatha woman's statementthat the Moorawari tribe extended down theRiver to Bourke.[A statement was made - crossed out] An account has been published some time back[that the - crossed out] about a tribe which [extended from - crossed out] is called Kurnuand which is said to extend down the Darling for 80 milesbelow Bourke. [Does Ipatha- crossed out](1) Does Ipatha know of that tribe - and is [the -crossed out]Kurnu the name of it?(2) The class-names given are said to be the following.Muk Kungurra Murruri Kilpurgurra IbburiKubburi NgumburiDoes Ipatha know of these names?

(3) It is said that the man Mukkungurra-Murrurican marry the woman Ibbundyerra (the sister of [Ibburi - crossed out] the man Kilpungurra- Ibburi - alsothe woman Kilpungurra-ngummun dyerra, [+c - crossed out][Does Ipatha know about these - crossed out][he also can marry the woman- crossed out]Does Ipatha know these names + the above marriages?(4) Can she tell me how many of the Kurnu tribeare now living and where they live?(5) If she does not know the Kurnu tribe then which tribe lived below Bourke? and did it have the above clannames - or Ipai-Kumbo Murri-Kubbi?

[written in left side margin]I am slowly working out the material for a communicationto one of the [American - crossed out] Anthropological Societies and I shallhave to thank you for important contributions

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hw0403 Howitt to Miss Benson 11/1907



Draught letter to Miss Benson

Thanking her for her interesting letter and the explanatorydiagrams. [I am now posting my comments- crossed out]I am gratified that you find these enquiries interestingand that being the case may I suggest that you goon until you have extracted all that the Ipatha woman cantell you of [the - crossed out] her tribe + its customs in the old times.[The Australians evidence is now considered by Anthropologistseverywhere as invaluable as affording the nearestapproach to the condition of primitive man. Long agoI pointed out that [in Australia - crossed out] the ancestors of theAustralian Aborigines lived for a vast period of time ina continental area free from outside influenceand worked out their social organisation]What I should very much like would be that you shouldcompile a complete account of the Mooranari tribeand that then I should have the pleasure ofgetting it printed in your name in some one of the Scientificpublications. I will of course give you all theassistance I can. Assuming that you may perhaps consent to do this I suggest that you commence commence [sic] with thelegends which you referred to in your letter of 5/6/07eg That they were originally descended from differentanimals +c... Why is she being an Ipatha a Kangaroo? [because - crossed out]If you let me see what she says I maysuggest something more.(I enclosed a proforma Kamilaroi table ofclasses, subclasses + totems, alsoa table of marriage + descent of the same)

[written in left side margin]sent /11/07

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