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Name, Native Place, Division of Tribe, Wife's division of tribe

William McDougall, Raymond Island, Tatoonkolong, BrabolongTuleba, Bruthen, Brabolong, BrabolongWilliam Thorpe, Bairnsdale, Brabrolong, *Ngrangit the entrancal Blacks.Neddy O'Rourke, Lakes Entrance, Ngrangit, Braberry worcutTommy Johnson, Snowy River, Kroathun, Yacktoon worcutDick Cooper, Tatoonkolong, Tatoonkolong, Lowajerak Buffalo womanLarry Johnson, Snowy River, Kroatunkoolong, NrangitTimothy, Snowy River, Kroathun, TatoonkolongBilly the Bull, Lake Entrance, Ngrangit, Yacktoon worcutJacky Jacky, Lake Tyres, Warrnangatty, Yacktoon worcutBilly Jumbuck, Lake Tyres, Warnangatty, KroatoonYelmi, Lake Entrance, Ngrangit, BraberryDan, Lakes Entrance, Ngrangit, KroatoonKerlip Tom Snowy River, Kroatun, NgrangitBig Charley, Snowy River, Kroatun, Yucktoon worcutLamby, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Brabeerry Brathu (turee)*Charley Rivers, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, BraberryBobby Brown, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Ngrangit Ngrangit (both wives)Charley Muir, Bruthen, Braberry, KroathunKing Charley, Snowy River, Kroatun, Lowajerak BrabolongBen Jennings, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Warrangatty Charley Alexander, Snowy River, Kroatunkolong, LowajerakSinging Johnny, Maneroo, Brajerak, LowajerakMunday, Maneroo, Brajerak, BidwellJohnny the plater, Snowy River, Kroatunkolong, KroatunMurray Jack, Maneroo, Brajerak, LowerjerakLawson, Scrub black, Bidwell, Bidwell. Jack Hay, Maneroo, Brajerak, Brabrolong taken by theftJimmy Thompson, Maneroo, Brajerak, Braberry Paddy, Sale, Brajerak, Kroatun worcut has girls - to himdid not marryHanner, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Yacktoon worcutKing Tom, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Yacktoon

Ngrangit means belonging to the Entrance to Lakes. Lambys +c and wife Ellen are Tara

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tip70-10-37-8 Memorandum A Howitt



Memorandum Aon a list (furnished by A.W.Howitt Esg. of Bairnsdale Gipps Land) of terms of Kinship between a family offour brothers & one sister, together with thier respective desendants. Tribe , the Brabrolong , Gipps Land.Diagram of decent ManWife

1.Son 2.Son 3.Son 4.Son 5.Daughter 12. Wife 11. Wife 8. Wife

6. Daughter 9. Son 13. Son 21.Son7. Husband 10. Wife 14. Wife

17 Daughter . 18 Son . 19 Daughter 20 Son.

Native Term given by Degree of Kinship according to sex ofMr. Howitt the diagram speaker

α 18 calls 2 Waintwin (mettel) My father's father Mβ " 11 Nallung " " father's wife Mγ " 1, 3, 4 Waintwin " " " brother "δ " Waintjin " " " sister ε " Mummungζ " Barbuckη " Brebba nallung (mettel)θ " Brebba yuckun (down)κ " Biamung (down) λ 1 [Gnar?vu bill(er)] *μ 2,3,4,5 call 7 " *ν 7 calls 12 Qua-a-bund(a) *ξ " 8 & 11 "Note. Terms marked * are reciprocal

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Memorandum Aon a list (furnished by A.W. Howitt Esq. of Bairnsdale Gippsland) of terms of kinship between a family of four brothers and one sister, together with their respectivedescendants. Tribe, the [Brabrolong], Gippsland.

Diagram of descent.

ManWife\(1. Son 2. Son 3. Son 4. Son 5. Daughter)12. Wife 11.Wife 8. Wife\ \ \(6. Daughter) (9. Son) (13. Son 21 Son)7. Husband 10. Wife 14. Wife\ \(17. Daughter, 18. Son, 19 Daughter 20 Son) (15 Son 16 Son)

Native Terms given by Degree of Kinship according to Sex ofMr Howitt the diagram Speaker

18 calls 2 [Waintuwina] My father's father M18 calls 11 Nallung My father's father's wife M18 calls 1,3,4 [Waintuwin] or Brebba My father's father's brothers M18 calls 5 Waintjun My father's father's sister M18 calls 6 Mummung My father father brother's daughter M18 calls 7 Barbuck My father father's brother daughter's husbands M18 calls 8 Brebba nallung My father father brother's wife M18 calls 14 Brebba yuckun My father father brother's son's wife M18 calls 15 Bramung father father younger brother's son's son M1 calls 7 [Gnarribill] * My daughter's husband M2,3,4,5 call 7 [Gnarribill] * My brother's daughter's husband M&F7 calls 12 [Lau - a- bund] * My wife's mother M7 calls 8 & 11 [Lau - a- bund] * My wife's father's bro's wife

Note. Terms marked * are reciprocal

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tip70-10-41-11 Brazier to Howitt



Sister 12 Brother 11\ /\ /Father 12 F Nammandrian--------------Brother 9

4 F. Wenbath-rna------------------ 5 F Ballada-----------------7 Mrs Cooper6 Husband 8 Dick
1. calls 7 Wundja 7 calls 8 Mong7 calls 1 Bab-bang 8 calls 7 My-an2 calls 7 Wundja 8 calls 5 My-an7 calla 2 Nat-yang 8 calls 6 Cun-dite 1. calls 8 Bamboo-yung 6 calls 8 Cun-dite 8 calls 1 Bamboo-yung 8 calls 4 Nammang8 calls 2 Jo-jo-ah 8 calls 3 Jarmby2 calls 8 Meer-an 10 calls 5 Na-ming (meer) 10 calls 6 Ma-kang7 calls 9 Num-barn 6 calls 10 Wund-ja 9 calls 7 Wundja 7 calls 12 Me-rang-an9 calls 7 Tung-eye 12 calls 7 Wundja8 calls 9 Tung-eye 4 calls 8 Didyang1 calls 10 Nabbo-yang 5 calls 10 Wundja10 calls 1 Nabbo-yang 3 calls 8 Jarmby2 calls 10 Ny-yang 7 calls 6 Mur-wung10 calls 2 Ny-yang 5 calls 8 Mur-wung9 calls 10 Ny-yang 4 calls Wundja10 calls 11 Nabbo-yang 10 calls Merangan7 calls 3 Did-yang3 calls 7 Cullun7 calls 5 Nammang5 calls 7 Cullun1 calls 11 Cook-ung2 calls 9 Cook-ungOmeo tribe now almost extinct. Only so far as I am aware, three women surviving.The southern boundary of this tribe and the northern boundary of the Brabrolong tribe conicide. My informant Mrs Cooper has forgotten the native name of her tribe, as well as the name of her father, father brother, fathers sister, mothers brother, brother and sister husband.She appears 40 to 45 years of age

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hw0404 Notes on Kurnai 150 pages




Yenjinper Toolaba

One of the Bunjil Yenjin was hanged bythe Whitemen in Melbourne about thewhite woman. He belonged to Providence Ponds

A funny songDilbŭn Kaiung tūlū yánowaKick womans apron kick out walkingbulwŭt blappadeall of us goingmal naran me wărige mŭlamoonlight rouse up himBrabirathe Brabra man

Q [A – crossed out] Ngŭla jetbrlan?You not tell a lie?R. Wātba būndūYou ask him tomorrow.

Q. A. Miringatu ngandapoint you to memuriwunda!throwing stickR Jet bolato – [you lie -crossed out] there liest

R. Nanma gūnūnjatūHe (that one) not lieQ nándu tūnga?who tell you (speak to you)R. Tūngam Brabrolongtell me Brabralung mancontinue at p2 at Ꚛ

Ngouragouan ngaiū jilainvery sick I todaymalwarein - yesterday

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tip70-10-33-8 Howitt to Fison 4/3/1874



the same kind and I have foundthat the "graphic formulae" not only- to my mind - make the relationshipsvery clear but also display in manycases a most suggestive symmetrical arrangement - that is,[that - crossed out] occasionally after drawing a diagramof the relationship the proper term to beapplied has suggested itself from amere inspection of the sketch.

I enclose a [fr- crossed out] page giving thefundamental formula of the familyand also two graphic formula - one of "Bone" the other of "Marsh gas"which will shew the principle.

I drew up complete diagramson this principle of the Brabrolongrelationships which I sent toBrough Smyth with a few wordsof introduction - for his book.I dare say he would shew youthem. I believe they shew

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tip70-10-33-19 Howitt to Fison 26 September 1878



Court House Sale Sept 26 1878

My dear Mr Fison I now post you schedules fromLake Condah V. Kunopia N.S.W. Nomaulin Q. Cloncurry Q. Barcoo Q. (2) Solomon Is. Kopperamanna S.A. and also a schedulefilled in with all the terms I have. You will see that I have added two or three; and I think it mightperhaps be advisable to add [Sisters brother's Sister -crossed out] wife's brother's wife, wife's sister's husband. In the Brabrolong system they would be of course [Tundung +c - crossed out]Bowung &c, Tundung &c. The Brabrolong system is the most logical one I know. Do you not think it wellto give the whole of your system in a schedule - perhapsas an appendix? I expect you intend to do this.I have now looked over R. B. S. book and I confess that Iam disappointed in the Magnum Opus. There is a great mass of facts but I can see how many of the facts aredistorted through the meduim conveying them, and their value is thereby distorted. As to our special work he has nothing but the little I gave him and as to the distribution of food in the common group I see nothing. I hope we shall be able to make our contribution perfectly accurate - I am now aboutto test all my facts afresh by a new course ofenquiry among a fresh lot of "Kurni." For if we have a shaky foundation our house will perhapstopple over on us or be pulled about our ears. I feel that it is hopeless for any one man The Rev. Lorimer FisonNavuloa Fiji

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