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tip70-10-33-13 Howitt to Fison 12 April 1877



BairnsdaleApril 12 1877

My dear Mr FisonI must blame myself for nothaving before this replied to your letter of Jay 1It has not been for want of good intentionsfor in its arrival I was starting on a journeyand carried it for about 450 miles withme declaring to myself that I would replybefore I returned home. However whenI came to the point I found that I had leftbehind some materials for your considerationwhich I had collected. Hence the delay. I have now turned up what particulars I haveas to the Bidwell and [?Carrawary?] kinshipsand send them in two circulars. Oneother circular you ought to have receivedere this giving some particulars fromthe Darling; and I hope that the circularsI sent you arrived safely and gave yousatisfaction. As yet I have not hadtime to send out many and havehad no result - I fear it may beindeed a case of "O navis +c"!

The Revd Lorimer FisonFiji

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