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tip70-10-33-19 Howitt to Fison 26 September 1878



Court House Sale Sept 26 1878

My dear Mr Fison I now post you schedules fromLake Condah V. Kunopia N.S.W. Nomaulin Q. Cloncurry Q. Barcoo Q. (2) Solomon Is. Kopperamanna S.A. and also a schedulefilled in with all the terms I have. You will see that I have added two or three; and I think it mightperhaps be advisable to add [Sisters brother's Sister -crossed out] wife's brother's wife, wife's sister's husband. In the Brabrolong system they would be of course [Tundung +c - crossed out]Bowung &c, Tundung &c. The Brabrolong system is the most logical one I know. Do you not think it wellto give the whole of your system in a schedule - perhapsas an appendix? I expect you intend to do this.I have now looked over R. B. S. book and I confess that Iam disappointed in the Magnum Opus. There is a great mass of facts but I can see how many of the facts aredistorted through the meduim conveying them, and their value is thereby distorted. As to our special work he has nothing but the little I gave him and as to the distribution of food in the common group I see nothing. I hope we shall be able to make our contribution perfectly accurate - I am now aboutto test all my facts afresh by a new course ofenquiry among a fresh lot of "Kurni." For if we have a shaky foundation our house will perhapstopple over on us or be pulled about our ears. I feel that it is hopeless for any one man The Rev. Lorimer FisonNavuloa Fiji

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