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XM161_ICDMS_lowres Notes on Attic Tribes in the case of Neaira



6the locality in which the people receiving themlived in the first instance. But in somecases a gens - say the Brutidai - wereall living in a certain locality andin such cases the local deme wouldcoincide at first with the gens or clan.Thus say that the Fisons owned Essendon+ that all the Essendonians were Fisonidaewith their slaves and alien retained.

Then s'pose Graham Berry were to take it intohis head to rearrange the Victorian societyfor political purposes he might havethe Deme of Flemington, the demeof Ascot Vale the Deme of Newmarketand the deme of Fisonidae (ie the Essendonians)(5) [Greek script] I find that in Liddell + Scottthey will have it that a Gennetes is a headof a family + I cannot make outwhat they mean by a family.

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