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Tuesday, July 15, 1919

Tuesday, July 15, 1919

A good morning. Rain this evening and tonight. The branch has bin out of the banks and washed a way the foot bridge the third time in the last month.

Ben & Jim & Owen plowed in their tobacco this morning.

Nellie made preserves and caned berries all the morning.

Josie got dinner. I milked two cows and Josie one. She helped me milk.

Wren Worsham carried me & Henry and Isla Blair to Worshams pond to fish. I caught 4 small carp. I was glad to get them. We got back as far as George Blairs before it rained. George Jr brought us home. I am glad that they are so good to me. I eat dinner with Wren & Isla at a good spring on the hill.

Suiter? Blair and wife & son come to George Blairs this evening. I wanted to see Denia but she was at Ethels. I milked the cows after supper.

10:30 oclock

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Thursday, July 31, 1919

Thursday, July 31, 1919

A good day but a hard thunder cloud and hard rain tonight. Jim plowed a little to day. Ben went to Greenfield & Chalk Level this evening. Mr. Owen went to Strait Stone to preaching this evening.

Josie staid at home and got dinner. She cooked snaps and potatoes and corn. I certainly did enjoy my dinner.

Marvin carried Mary & Edna Brumfield and I to Worshams pond. I caugh one nice fish.

Mary went to Preaching this evening. To night she is at George Blairs. Paul Bennett carried her. I am so glad that Ben got home before it rained.

9:30 oclock

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Wednesday, September  3, 1919

Wednesday, September 3, 1919

A good day. Ben finished tieing leaves to day. Josie handed some this morning then got dinner.

Jack Harvey brought the horse and buggy home this morning and staid and handed leaves until they finished tieing. He eat dinner with Ben.

Marvin carried Grace & Beulah Brumfield and I to Jessie Worshams pond. We fished. I caughed one nice fish. We c[om?]

9:25 oclock

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Wednesday May 18, 1921

Wednesday May 18, 1921

A good day. Ben & Jim worked on their tobacco land all day. Josie scrubed floors and got dinner. Kate Harvey & Carrie Smith come to see us this evening. I was not at home. Reese Smith carried Grace Brumfield and I to Mr Worshams pond. We fished. Caught a few. Had a pleasant day. Come by Renan. Clack Hubbards baby was sick. Dr Owen was gone to Chatham.

Ben did not like for Henry to go with me. Said he wanted him to work. I am sorry to ever do any thing that makes him mad. An old hen killed one of Josies turkeys. I am very sorry that it happen.

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Saturday May 28, 1921

Saturday May 28, 1921

A good day. Clouds about this evening but no rain to wet any thing. Ben replanted tobacco. He went to Renan and got some beef for tomorrows dinner. Josie killed and dressed three chickens, baked two cakes, got dinner, and bathed the children.

I went to Worshams pond to fish. Marvin carried me and Henry & Reese. He went to Altavista and had work done on his teeth worked on. I stoped at Mr Jim Bookers and sit on the porch with Mrs Booker until Marvin come for us.


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Tuesday August 23, 1921

Tuesday August 23, 1921

A good day. Jim & Ben hauled wood to the barn. They are thinking a bout cutting tobacco tomorrow.

Josie milked two cows and churned and got dinner.

Marvin carried Grace & I to Worshams pond. We fished all the morning. Did not catch anything. We had dinner with us and enjoyed it.

I wish I was close to the pond so I could go and not bother no one. I am willing to worke as much as I am able. That is a bout all that I ask them to take me and some times they wont do that. I know that I give them here trouble.

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Monday, May 17, 1920

Monday, May 17, 1920

A good day. The men worked on their tobacco land. Josie staid at home and got dinner. This evening she went to Marvins. Marvin let Reese thak [take] me fishing. We went to Mr Jessie Worshams pond. Did not catch any thing. Come to the creek and fished a while. Did not catch any thing. I bought 10 pounds of sugar from Oscar Booker. Paid 30 cts a bushel of meal for $2.25. 9 oclock

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Saturday, October 23, 1920

Saturday, October 23, 1920

23rd A good day. Ben and Jim finished sowing grain to day. Reese and Henry and I went to Worshams pond. I caught one nice fish. Dr Owen come this evening and examined Josie and says she must go to a hospidle. Ben & Josie and the baby went to Jim Powers to night. They want Mrs Car to come with them home to help take care of Mabel. I dread the time that we will have.

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Saturday, November 13, 1920

Saturday, November 13, 1920

A bright colde day. Ben and Jim stripped tobacco. They eat dinner at Marvins. Franklin staid with Aunt Carrie. Reese and Henry and I went to Worshams Pond. I wish I had staid at home and worked. Ben heard from Josie. She wants to come home Monday. Mrs Car and the little children are at Jim Powers. I will be glad when they come home. Earl Booker come with us on the car near Lees home. She was going to John Emersons to a party tonight.

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Saturday, November  3, 1923

Saturday, November 3, 1923

Ednas birth day [written at the top of the page] A cloudy morning. Clear this evening. Jim stripped tobacco all day. John Ward tied. Kates Harveys sale was today. Ben went to the sale. Things sold low. Effie Brumfield carried her mother to Levelrun store and Hugh and I to Mr. Worshams pond. I did not catch a fish. Effie and Hugh caught five. We stoped at Level Run store. Effie and Hugh patched a tire. The children staid at the barn all the evening. Ben and Henry has gone a hunting tonight.

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