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Saturday, October  5, 1918

Saturday, October 5, 1918

A good day. Mr Owen and wife went to Strait Stone. Ben went to Gretna to meet the teacher. She did not come. Ben said that he saw Tenia Brumfield.

Ben and family went to see Lucuis Gravley this evening.

Mrs Daulton come here this morning and got some apples to can.

I went to see Carrie a while this evening.

Marvin went to Altavista to day.

8 oclock

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Thursday, May 15, 1919

Thursday, May 15, 1919

A good day. The men folks planted tobacco this morning. I drawed plants until twelve.

Dr Owen and wife ask me to go fishing. Their car got so it would not work. They left it on the road. John Hutcherson let the Dr have his and we went to Moons Pond. Did not catch any fish to speak of. I thank them for takein me with them.

Josie got dinner. She made vegetable soup. I thought it was very good.

We heard to day that Mrs Johnson died this morning. I am sorry for the family.

10 oclock

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Tuesday, July 15, 1919

Tuesday, July 15, 1919

A good morning. Rain this evening and tonight. The branch has bin out of the banks and washed a way the foot bridge the third time in the last month.

Ben & Jim & Owen plowed in their tobacco this morning.

Nellie made preserves and caned berries all the morning.

Josie got dinner. I milked two cows and Josie one. She helped me milk.

Wren Worsham carried me & Henry and Isla Blair to Worshams pond to fish. I caught 4 small carp. I was glad to get them. We got back as far as George Blairs before it rained. George Jr brought us home. I am glad that they are so good to me. I eat dinner with Wren & Isla at a good spring on the hill.

Suiter? Blair and wife & son come to George Blairs this evening. I wanted to see Denia but she was at Ethels. I milked the cows after supper.

10:30 oclock

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Sunday, April 11, 1920

Sunday, April 11, 1920

A beautiful day. There was a big frost this morning. Ben and family went to Jim Powers. I went to George Blairs. Ernest & Lottie was there. The girls went to Sunday School. Otho & was there. Denia had a nice dinner. Jim eat at Carries this evening. Mr John Smith & his wife Owen and wife & [?]was at Marvins. Kate Harvey and Johnson Reynolds was there two. I come by. Ben & Josie was at home when I got home. Josie got supper.

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Thursday, August 10, 1922

Thursday, August 10, 1922

A cloudy day but no rain. Jim & Henry suckered tobacco. Ben carried me to Marvin's this morning. He come home. Marvin carried me to Galilee to the assosiation. After preaching Lizzie & Lonny[?] and Earl and wife Marvin and Carrie & the children and I went to the place we moved from. I was glad of the trip. Marvin sent me home. Russ[?] & Paul come home with me. Kate come to keep house from Mrs Car was getting dinner. Kate milked to [.......] we come by [Liz?] well I am a sleep.

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Sunday, April 22, 1923

Sunday, April 22, 1923

A good day. We all staid at home until after twelve. Then Ben carried the children to Mr. Jim Powers. I went with them as far Earnest Craddocks. I am so glad that I went. Irvin Craddock and family was there when I got there. Then Ken and Ethel three children and Len Motley and wife and Claud [Deboe?] and wife and Ruth Motley and Elley Craddock and Isla and Cordie Blair and Mr. Taz Anderson. I was glad to see all of them.

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Sunday, May 13, 1923

Sunday, May 13, 1923

A little rain this morning. It is badly needed. We all was at home at dinner. Ben carried the children to see Grandma Carr. I went to Kate Harveys. Charles and wife was there. Pearl and Mrs Wiggins[?] come. Reese Smith come and brought the little girls. Reese and Paul and Roy come down here. I come with them. I let them have some butter. Johnson and Mollie and Christine come and staid a little while. Ben and the children got home about dark. I had supper ready.

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Saturday, June 23, 1923

Saturday, June 23, 1923

A very hot day. We need rain so bad. The men worked tobacco all day. Ben has gone with Henry seining to night. I am glad that Ben went. Mr. John Smith and wife come here this morning. They did not stay long. They went to Marvins from here. They offered to take me but I could not go. I baked berrie pies and cooke cabbag and potatoe and beans this evening. I have done almost nothing. There is lots of sweeping that should be done. Kate Hubbard and Janie Brumfield and Floid R passed here. Went to Alleen Emersons for peaches.

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Monday, July  9, 1923

Monday, July 9, 1923

A good day. The boys helped Mr. Mayhew thrash wheat and helped him plant tobacco until twelve oclock. Then they eat dinner. Ben and Henry staid and played croqet. Jim come home. He had a letter that he wanted to mail. The children and I did not eat until Jim come. After dinner we went to see Bruce Reynols and wife. Julia Fergerson was canning berries and preserving. [Reubin?] brought us home in his new car. Mr. Mayhew and some boyes went seining. They caught several nice fish and a big eel. He gave Henry three nice fish and a big eel. I helped them to dress them.

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Sunday, September 30, 1923

Sunday, September 30, 1923

A good day. Ben staid at Lees all day. Henry went up there last night. Edna and Franklin went up there this evening. They went with Reese and Paul Smith. They brought Nellie from Gretna home. Mr. [Sprat?] and his wife and wife's sister come to see Evylin this evening. I went to see Mollie this evening. They had come from Piney Grove. They had not eat dinner. Posey and family and Clack and family was there. Mollie had a good dinner. Snaps and beef and chicken pies and cake. One of the best that I ever did taste. Posie brought me home on his Red Bird car. It did ride fine.

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