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hw0426 Shaw to Howitt 15 May 1899



[left hand page]

[rough notes on the bottom right]

[gulke?] [guli]↑ ↑ fall[??}


[right hand page]

Relationships [Underlined]

Grandfather Paternal - father's father - [crossed out: bren] breng-kūrūng - grandson brang"[under grandfather] Maternal - mother's father - ditto - grandson - malan

fatherfath broth" sistermother --" sist" broth

[written over to right side]M - daughter's son - ngakǔpF - " " - gōgōk

[resuming left hand transcription]Elde Bro BanganYoung " dedjetEld sistr lūndukyoungr dedjet

Father Sist child kakai Moth Bro child wūrmgain -Boybambrǔ girl

husband - nangūrūng" brother - " "

F. sister husband - nangūrūng

wife - birmbang or ūmǔrkwife sister - " "

M. brother wife - birmbangF. brother's wife - ūmǔrkM. sister's husband - gūreitch

[written on right hand side]

M - son’s wife mangepM daughter’s husbd gūntalangF son’s wife ker-eneF daughtr husb gweabŭn-F. husbd’s father mamŭngM. wifes father gūntalangF. husband mother ker-eneM. wife’s mother gweabŭn

written inside a boxmay a man - "see" themother of his brother wife?

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