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tip70-10-41-2 MacKenzie to Fison 12/1/1872



19 My (elder) brothers Drhadthadthambădtha[ditto] (younger) do Maiadthambădtha20 [ditto] (elder) sisters Mamadthambădtha[ditto} (younger) do Munăgudthambădtha22 [ditto] father's elder brother Kurămbo23 [ditto] [ditto] younger do Nadjŭnga24 [ditto] [ditto] brother's wife Numbon25 [ditto] [ditto] sister Murringa26 [ditto] [ditto] sister's husband Kuringmanga27 [ditto] mother's brother Kauangaelderyounger Kumbanga28 [ditto] [ditto] brother's wife Wallămin29 [ditto] [ditto] sister Mimŭnga32 [ditto] [ditto] sister's husband Nadjŭnga33 [ditto] brother's son M Kurimba34 [ditto] [ditto] son's wife M Nadjondthirry35 [ditto] [ditto] daughter M Kurimba36 [ditto] [ditto] dr's husband [ditto] Nguberăma37 [ditto] [ditto] grandson [ditto] Ngabobo38 [ditto] [ditto] grand dr Ngabobo41 [ditto] sister's son Kumbanga

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hw0192 Cameron to Howitt 20/06/1900



MurrumbangJune 28th 1900

Dear Mr HowittSince writing you the other day Ihave your letter of the 12th and nowenclose you the diagrams which youI hope will find satisfactory. An "own"sister to Yarri actually exists and ismarried to scotty but she has never hadchildren. I have however added hypotheticalchildren with proper class and totemYou say "The questions would be (1st) Was Nellythe sister own or tribal of the husbandof Yarri's sister? To this I reply that shewas the tribal sister but no blood relation2nd Would it be lawful for Jane to have married No 8 Her maternal granddaughter of Yarri'ssister no 5 P "Daughter" is of course a slip and"son" was meant

I am almost - absolutely certain it wouldnot but the blacks are not here just now sothat I cannot enquire

I saw some rock paintings insome caves about 40 miles north eastfrom here and sent copies to

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[diagram]9 Jack Kumbo MH Brother 1 Yarri Kumbo MH Brother Sister 5 Polly Bootha MHFanny Matha BD 2 Nelly Matha Bl D 6 Scotty Bl D

Ann Kubbitha BD 3 Betsy Kubbitha Bl D 7 Ipatha Mallee Hen

Mary Matha BD 4 Jane Matha Bl D 8 Kumbo Mallee Hen

NB 1 Nelly is the Tribal not actual sister of Scotty2 I don't think no 8 Kumbo Mallee Hen couldmarry 4 Jane Matha Black duck but amnot certain

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