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hw0305 Letter from Cameron to Howitt 14/July/1884



Bunyabbe TribeThis tribe is located in thevicinity of Barcaldine StationAbout 60 miles west nor west ofof [sic] Blackall on the Barcoo. Thiscountry is on the Alice RiverTheir class divisions wereUrgilla marries Uberu child WunguBanbri [ditto] Wungu [ditto] UberuWungu [ditto] Banbri [ditto] UrgillaŪberū [ditto] Urgilla [ditto] Banbri

Bunyabbe totems areUrgilla = Eaglehawk, red KangarooWungu = Sugar bag, Duck, OppossumUberu = Emu Iguana

They burried [sic] in the groundPracticed sorcery, had rain makersDoctors and wizards to whom thepowers of magic were communicatedby departed friends or by dreamsThe sacred wand used at theBorah was called ToondoolaVocabulary Hand= Murra Foot=ThinaThigh= Thurra Toungue=Tallienmouth=dea

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