Correspondence, Volume 1: 1842-1852 (Published and Unpublished)

Documents--both published and unpublished--in Correspondence, Volume 1: 1842-1852 can be found on the Frederick Douglass Digital Edition website at

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    Correspondence, Volume 3: 1866-1880 (documents to come)

    The published volume Correspondence, Volume 3: 1866-1880, will include 242 letters published in full, and 575 calendared, or summarized letters, for a total of 817 letters. The documents now included in this collection are all calendared documents and more will be made available on this site in...

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    Correspondence, Volume 4: 1881-1888 (documents to come)

    The published volume will include 252 letters in full, and 667 calendared (or summarized) documents, for a total of 919 letters.

      Correspondence, Volume 5: 1889-1895 (Unpublished documents now available to transcribe)

      Correspondence Volume 5 (1889-1895) will be published in 2026. The published documents will be made publicly available on this space in 2028. Meanwhile, unpublished documents that will be calendared in Volume 5 are available here for transcription. More will be added to this site as they are...