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July 1943

25 Sunday
Went to Sunday School in morning
Mrs Baxter took primary. I played Went to
Sunday S. in afternoon. Auntie Dorothy and
Mollie and Jill came in evening. Also flight
went Humphreys came for 1/2 hr.

26 Monday
Played Rounders in morning. A
very very hot day. Helped to tidy up lab
in Science. Played a little tennis. In
eveningafternoon 2 RAF boys came to tea
Hymphreys came in evening.

27 Tuesday
Mussolini resigned.
Had long history lesson on him.
got all my old art pictures from
Miss Oats. Watched erased text

28 Wednesday
Cleared up in cookery
and cleared up in Science.
Sang community songs in singing

29 Thursday
Saw Miss Oats puppet show
which was lovely. Went swimming
terribly hot. Checked books. Lower
IVs acted some plays which were not
very good. Hump came in evening.

30 Friday
Said good-bye to Miss Roy and
Miss Oats. Gave Miss Burton 6 wine
glasses for wedding present. Broke up at
12 o' clock. FL Hump came in evening

31 Saturday
Helped Mummy all the morning
Mrs Faires came in afternoon and
F. L. Hump came to tea. Read book
on lawn in evening.

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