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12 Sunday
Went to Sunday School in
morning. Had no teacher so took ourselves.
Maureen came with me to Primary
only 8 there. Wrote two letters in afternoon

13 Monday
Mrs Hump and Maureen
went. F.L Hump was able to go too. Helped
Mummy wash in morning and cleaned
bedrooms in afternoon. Went to Grandmas to

14 Tuesday
Helped Mummy in morning.
Did most of ironing in afternoon.
Mr & Mrs Constable came to tea
Had bath and hair washed.

15 Wednesday
Started school again.
Miss Tibly made a lot of new
arrangements. Did not have
any homework.

16 Thursday
New mistresses names
Miss Smith =art, Miss [Hipplestei]
= Scriptre. Miss [Waterman] Geog.
We have Mrs Wright for Math

17 Friday
Quite a nice day. Did not
have any essays for weekend homework.
F.L. Hump came in evening. Mummy &
Daddy went out. George came in [...]
had a lot of fun. Did not go to bed until

18 Saturday
Lovely day. Helped Mummy in morning.
George popped in for a short time. I went
blackberring with F.L.Hump in afternoon
I got 4lbs-6ons He got 6 1/2 lbs.

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