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SEPTEMBER 9th Month [1945]

16 Sun - 16th after Trinity

Very warm
day. Went to Primary in morning
Tila came with us. Went to S. [School]
again in afternoon. Went to [Chapel]
in evening [...] Judy + George [came]
[with us]. [Denis came in to supper]

17 Mon Rained in evening. Had
a letter from Gordon. Still doing
my farmyard freze in art. Did
[notes] in biology all the [afternoon].
Wrote to Gordon + [] + [] in the
evening and [GeoPhang] took me to the
pictures to see The Keys [of] the Kingdom
very good

18 Tues

Very hot day
Only had three lessons
one History and two art. [Had]
nearly finished drawing my freze.
Mummy + Judy went to []
in afternoon. Put [Titia] to bed
early. [Frig] came in + brought
Pat from []. We
[] a nice day.

19 Wed - Ember Day

Did notes in
biology, and played team game
in gym. Had a free afternoon.
Had a practise and went to B
class in evening. Leslie took it
and everyone was bored.

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