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30 Sun—18th after Trinity Dery's Wedding
Quite a nice day. Went to S. Seb
the morning and taught prima [primary]
Had a practice in afternoon a [and]
did some french on W. Janet & I we [went]
to school in sunday. No one came
[en] or evening

1 Oct. Mon—Pheasant Shooting begins
ends February 1st

Lovely day.
Had five biology lessons and [epin]
all the time making and drawing
sections. Judy came in in evening
to section. I got [9% cotton] for a ref
for college and spend all evening filling
[smudged writing]

2 Tues Dave's birthday. Quit
nice day. Didn't have
free lesson all day. Still p
my freeze in art. Spent
the evening doing some Fre [French]
homework. Judy came in. S [She]
helped me. Eric came in too.

3 Wed Dull day. Did slides agai [again]
biology adn had two histor [history]
lessons at Archer House. Had
afternoon and finishing my Fren [French]
and filled in some more college f [forms]
Finishing filling in forms
and sent them. Went to B C

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