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DECEMBER 12th Month 1945

23 Sun - 4th in Advent
Fairly cold windy
day. Went to S School in morning
and taught Primary. Went to S
School in afternoon and had a [?]
Went to church in evening and
went carol singing afterward.

24 Sun Windy day. Helped Mummy
all the morning. Cleaned lounge
and peeled potatoes for christmas.
Made calenders and wrapped
presents in afternoon. Wrote
to Gordon and had a bath
in evening.

25 Tues - Christmas Day Quarter Day
Fairly mild day.
Opened presents after breakfast. Had
a lovely lot. Went to Chapel afterwards.
Went to Grandma's for dinner tea
and supper. Had a very nice time.
Played games of charades in evening.
Went home at 12.30pm.

26 Wed - St. Stephen Bank Holiday
Moon's last quarter 8.0 a.am.
Fine morning.
Didnt get up until after ten.
Went to Auntie Kitty's for the day.
Edna was at home. Did knit
most of the time. Jessie was
[?] Came home at 11. 30 pm.

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