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[...]ternoon the Sacrament of the lord Supper administered
[...]am not permitted to go for my health remains feeble
O, I long, I pant, I faint with desire to be singin,

Worthy is the lamb to be extolling the riches of sovereing
Grace—to be casting the crown at the feet of christ
And although I am unworthy to have all those feeling of
devotion. yet I offer to thee the whole affection of my heart

the body of our lord jesus christ
Which was given for the. preserve
thy body and Soul unto everlasting life
take and eat this in remembrance that
christ died for the, and feed on him in
heart by faith with thanksgiving.
the blood of our lord jesus christ. which
Was shed for thee, preserve they body and Soul
unto everlasting life. drink this in remembrance that
christs blood was shed for thee and be
thankfull, I dream of my beloved Son last night

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