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5 Monday mrning. a stormy and warm rain I am greatfull for
the sleep of the night past and so well this moring

O how sick was my Dear child 11 month this day. Early in
the moring I sent for the Doc he came and was surprise to
find her so sick. he observe that she should not live
twenty four hours I was alarmed at her danger. She thought
that she should die. but I hope that the mean for her recovery
would be blesed. and we never thought that her day was at

and must this body die
this mortal frame decay
and must thise active limbs of mine
Lie mouldering in the clay

I never felt reconciled to my dear Son death as I should,
I thought that if God has spared him I should be
happy, I tried to believe that his bounds ware set
and his days numbered, my heart was bowed down to the
dust and I go mourning down to my greave

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