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I have renued my covenant.
to be the lord in the presence of God his holy angels,
I pray that I may go in the Strength of it all my
life O keep me from letting any thing come out of
my lips to defile there is a wo pronounced on him who
offends one of Christs little ones
these Dear sisters have injoy religion many years and
live like Martha and Mary, jesus loved Martha and Mary
and he was with us and may his love be in our heart
forever more, and may it apear that we have been with
christ, the Rev Mr Smith and the Rev Mr Kimball administered
the sacrament and tow other Minester and twelve members
of our church, the first disciples met in an upper chamber
With our Dear Saviour
Praise the lord. O my Soul. and all that is within me bless
his holy name: for now I find the mercy. the peace, the comfort,
of Spiritual communion with christ

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