The diary of Lydia Gay Ingallas (1832-1840), wife of Mr. Daniel Ingallas of Boston, is one of sorrow. She was born in Massachusetts on July 25, 1765 and was extremely devout.


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9 receved a letter from my Dear friend Miss Giles from Newpuryport inform me that her Brother is very [?]

September 11 We know that if our Earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved. we have a building of god, an house not made [?] hands Eternal in the heavens. My Dear freind came and go in prayr this afternoon with me.

12 a pleasant morning, they who feared the lord spoke often one to another. the lord hearkened and heard it.

13 prais the lord for all his goodness to me, I have been at, [Mrs ?] to meet with my Dear christest Sisters, I have received a letter from my Dear [?] cross, and answered one to Miss Giles in Newburyport this day

14 a warm [?] and I am in comfortble health to this morning I Dream of Elisebeth that She hast returned home from her journey,

15 Satermorning No man having put his hand to the plough and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of god

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