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Ship Acosta from Sag Harbor towards the Coast of Patagonia
Occurrences, the 28th day of June 1830
These 24 hours Commences with cloudy weather, some fog – all hands on board – At 11PM got under weigh with the wind at SW.

Occurrences, the 29th day of June 1830
Courses: N, NE, E, ESE [crossed out], SE [crossed out], ditto, ditto, ENE, ditto, E, S[W]
Winds: SW
Light winds from 12 to 4 PM from the SW at 5PM Came to [offhast - crossed out] with the high lands of Gardiners Bearing South took a squall which lasted a bout an hour –––––
latter part fine weather light airs at West at 5AM. Weighed anchor and put to sea in company with Ship [Potose] all hands employed at clearing up Decks.
Long. pr Lunar 71.54
Lat obs 41.00

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