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Tuesday July the 7th 1846
Light Airs from the S W cruising this day Land in sight
[Spoke?] the [inchon?] fish of New London no whales to Day

Wednesday the 8th
Strong Breezes from the S East winds Double reef topsails of the [Day?]
[Churning?] home this Day shortend sail at 12 O clock Lying to the [Bermudas?]

Tuesday the 9
Moderate breeze from the S West under double reef topsails
Runing under Light sail this Night steering E by North

Friday July the 10th Lat 52 = W 5
Light Airs from the S went under all sail Saw the [marengs?] of
New Bedford she took a whale in sight of us we Lowerd at 5 and killed
Got Him alongside at 8 shortend sail and Lying to this Night

Saturday July th 7th Lat: 52 : : W 11
Blowing a gale from the S W cutting in under close main Topsails
And foresail runing before the wind finished cutting in at 10 O clock

Sunday 12th
Light breeze from the S E under double reef topsails Land in sight

Monday the 13th 1846
Moderate breeze from W under all sail Lowerd onee this Land in sight

Tuesday the 14th
Light Airs from the S W whales in sight this Day Lowerd onee

Wednesday the 15th
Moderate winds from the S W se whales Lowerd S board quarter
Boat fastend to one Iron broke Lost him waste boat fastend to [wrethrel?]
Fast Brown killed him got him to the at 10 P M finished cutting in
at 4 P M commenced bolling cruising this Night course East by N

Thursday the 16th
Light winds from the W unde all sail whales in sight Lowerd 2 for

Friday July the 17th
Moderate breezes from the S W under all sail Lowerd at 10 O clock
for whales finished [trying?] out steering Down this Day spoke the William of [Lonschatho?]
Lee of New [Down?] and a Frend Ship 10 whales

Saturday July the 18th 1846 Lat 53: N 8 of the [cais?]
Strong breezees from the S W under double reef topsails at 2 P M
shortend sail wind increases to a gale quarter remainder of the Day

Sunday the 19th
blowing heavy this Day from S West at 5 P M moderates 2 ships in sight

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