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Monday July 29th" 1822
All these 24 hours fine Breezes and [hazy?] weather
at NE [steer?] SS West and Shy West in
Company with our consorts employed in makeing
[???] and [???] [???] so ends
long. By lunar 25-20 lat by obs-21-04 long 25-36

Tuesday July 30th" 1822
First part fine Breezes and hazy weather
from S East middle and latter part Light
winds and pleasant in company with the
thorn and [pizano?] long by Lunar at 4 PM 25-14
Lat by obs-19-00 long-25-20

Wednesday July 31st
All these 24 hous light winds and pleasant
from the E S E to S East [steer?] South by West
and south at 2 o clock at night heave to and
lie until day light the make all said and [steer?]
south at 11 AM make the island of St antony
leaving SS West 10 leagues lat by obs 17-28

Thursdy August 1st" 1822
First and middle part light winds and squaly
at NE [Steered?] west at 6 PM St antony [hone?] [crossed out]
the SS W 3 leagues latter part light winds
and cloudy at E NE [steer?] Shy E in co with the
Thorn and [Pizanno?] saw a ship the windward
standing in with the L^nad. lat by obs 16-18

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