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Ship Daniel Webster of Sag Harbour [HARBOR] A

Remarks on board Wednesday June 26 The first part of thes[E] 24 hours w[E] have a strong breeze and hazy weather. A steering by the wind. At 6 AM saw a sail a seering [STEERING] to the Westward. Nothing more worth of remark. Latitude by obs vation [OBSERVATION] 27°=11 No [NORTH] Longitude by Cronometor [CHRONOMETER] 155°=13 East

Remarks on board Thursday June 26th The first part of thes[E] 24 hours we have strong breezes and hazy weather with squalls of rain. No whales. Nothing lik[E] them. So ends this day. Latitude by obs vation [OBSERVATION] 27°=27 North Longitude by Cronometor [CHRONOMETER] 155°=22 East

Remarks on board Friday June 27th The first part of thes[E] 24 we have fresh gales with squalls of wind and rain. At 4 PM furled the topsails. Middle part much the sam[E]. At 6 PM [???] [???]. Set clost reeft [CLOSE REEFED] topsail and coarse [COURSE] at [???]. Got a distance of the sun and moon. Set[?] the Long [LONGITUDE] by Luner [LUNAR] 156°=44 by Cronometor [CHRONOMETER] 156°=34 Latitude by obs vation [OBSERVATION] 27°=27

Remarks on board Saturday June 28th Throught [THROUGH] thes[E] 24 we have a fresh breeze and ha [HAZY] weather. At 1 PM on bent [UNBENT?] the fore topsail and repared [REPAIRED] it and at 6 PM sent it up again. At 7 saw a sail. At 8 got a distance of the sun. Maid [MADE] the Longitude 155°=52 East Latitude by obs vation [OBSERVATION] 26°=59 North

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