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Monday the 3thd Nov
Through out this day light airs
from the NE ward with frequent
fog. Squalls carry all sail. Steered
by the [no word] to the S [illegible] E ward. Saw several
fin backs but no whales. Hands
employed in sundry jobs as
necessity required. So goes. Lat obsd
36;38 Long 6:00.

Tuesday the 4th
Began with light airs at N
that lastsed through the day. At 4
oclok PM raised a whale which
we killed and cut in. Nothing
more occured. So remains all
well. Loat obsd 36,28 Long 3:38

Wednesday the 5th
Light breezes all this day. NNW.
At day light set all sail and steered
Sth. At 4 oclok raised two whales.
Lored. At sun set got last but
knight caime on and we lost the
whale. Employed in boiling. So
goes Lat obsd 36:40 Long 8: 80

Thursday the 6th
All this day fine weather.
Ship under all sail. First part
steered S by W. At 2 clok
steered off E by S. Saw 2 whales.
Lored and chased but with out
success. Continue boiling [so?]
Lt obsd 37:00
Long 3:20

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