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Sunday the 16th November AD 1834
The day began with strong
winds from W at 5 oclok in the
morning. Set top sails single reefed
and steered to the N ward. Saw
several fin backs in course of
the day but no whales. At sun
set tack ship and steer to the SW.
Nothing more ocured. So goes.
Lat obsd 35:20 Long 5:15

Monday the 17th
First part strong westerly gales.
Ship under [hole? hob?] top sails at
8 oclok in the morning. Saw
whales that appeared to bee
at home. We a medially [immediately?] reefed
our top sails. At 10 oclok the
gale rather abates. Wean [when?] ship
[drawing of whale tail in the page margin]
soon raised the same whales.
Lored our boats and got one of them.
Latter part light winds and a
bad swell. At sun set finished
cutting and began to boil. SO
passed this day. Lat 35:40
per count Long 5:18 E

Tuesday the 18th
Light airs throughout the day
[Carry?] all sail. At 11 oclok AM
saw one whale which we struck
and the [irons?] came out. Latter part
[stand?] to the N ward. At sun set
saw a ship a cutting and boiling.
So remains. Lat obsd 35:20
Long 5:27

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