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Friday 30th November Began with light wind from S by E and fair weather Ship under all sail steering to the Eastward latter part wind and weather about the same nothing in Sight but water watch employed filing cutting Geer [GEAR] So ends In Latitude 33..45 Longitude 38..30

Saturday December 1 1847 This day began with strong wind from Soth [SOUTH] by W and Dark weather Ship under all sail by the wind Starbor [STARBOARD] tacks aboard[?] Middle and Latter parts wind and weather the same nothing of consequence occured [OCCURRED] onboard so ends all well Lat by Obs [LATITUDE BY OBSERVATION] 34..00 Long [LONGITUDE] 34..00

Sunday 2nd Began with strong wind SE and pleasant weather at 4 PM raised Blackfish lowered and got two Latter part wind SE Tack Ship head up SW saw severel [SEVERAL] finbacks but no whales so ends all well In Lat [LATITUDE] Long [LONGITUDE]

Monday 3th [RD] 1849 Throughout this day had Light airs from various points of the Compass and plesant [PLEASANT] weather ship under all sail steering by the wind Starbor [STARBOARD] watch employed setting up Rigging one Ship in Sight steering to the N war [NORTHWARD] so ends Lat by Obs [LATITUDE BY OBSERVATION] 33..04 Long [LONGITUDE]

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