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Friday 28th December 1849 The day began with light wind from South and pleasant weather at 2 PM tacked ship in course of the watch had Some rain Middle and Latter parts had variable wind various sorts of weather ship under all sail steering to the eastward Latter part the Boatsteers [BOATSTEERERS] commenced grinding Irons the rest of the watch variously employed so past [PASSED] this day all well Lat [LATITUDE] by Obs [OBSERVATION] 5..08 Long [LONGITUDE] 25..30

Saturday 29th Began with Daffling [BAFFLING] wind and frequt [FREQUENT] Rain ship under all sail working to the S East watch at work ripinig [RIPPING?] up an old sail Latter part had a steady wind from ESE steer S by East spoke with a schooner 24 days from Boston bound to St [SAN] Francisco so End[S] In Lat [LATITUDE] 3..58 Long [LONGITUDE] 25..00

Sunday 30th This day began with light wind from ESE and dark weather ship under all Sail steering to the SSW by the wind A Brig to the Leeward steering the same way Latter part had a calm and verry [VERY] warm one sail in sight bearing WSW the day being the Sabbath no Labour [LABOR] done onboard worth note so ends all well Lat [LATITUDE] by Obs [OBSERVATION] 3..51 Long [LONGITUDE] 21..30

Monday 31st Began a calm Middle rather squally and some rain Latter part had a steady wind and pleasant weather 4 sail[S] in Sight all working to the Southward watch variously employed as required so ends the year all well In Lat [LATITUDE] 4..03 North Long [LONGITUDE] 24.00 west

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