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Saturday January 5th 1850 The day began with plesant [PLEASANT] weather and nearly a calm the watch variously employed Middle and Latter parts had som[E] rain and Light wind from NW Steering South by W per compass the watch on deck to work on the rigging Boatsteers [BOATSTEERERS] grinding Irons so ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 2..21 Long [LONGITUDE] 21..25

Sunday 6th Began with fair weather and light wind from NW Ship under all sail steering South Middle and latter parts had the wind from N to SE and gentle showers steer from S to WSW nothing in sight but water so gows [GOES] Lat [LATITUDE] 1..50 Long [LONGITUDE] 20..58

Monday 7th Commenced with Light wind from SSE and darke [DARK] weather Ship under all sail working to the Southward Middle and Latter parts had fresh wind from South and frequent rain Steer to the E ward [EASTWARD] Saw two Barks boath [BOTH] Steering NN East Latter part watch Employed bradeing [BRAIDING] some net[S] So Ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 00..59 North Long [LONGITUDE] 21..31

Tuesday 8th Began with pleasant weather and a fine breeze from SSW steer to the SE close hauled a Bark to the windward standing to the westward Latter part had the wind South tack Ship and Stand to the SW all hands employed coopering Bread So ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 00..30 N Long [LONGITUDE] 20..25

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