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Monday January 21st 1850 Began with fres [FRESH] Trades and Squally weather Ship under all sail steering SSE at 4 PM made Trinidad bearing S by W per Compass squared yards and run off to the Leeward of it Latter part had fair weather the wind E by N at 6 AM suared [SQUARED] yards and steered SW 1/2 S set a lower studding sail and On bent [UNBENT?] the Fore sail to mend In Lat [LATITUDE] 21..25 Long [LONGITUDE] 29..40

Tuesday 22ond Commenced with Darke [DARK] weather at 6 PM finished mending the fore sail and bent it Middle and Latter parts had a strong breeze from NE and fair weather Steering SW 1/2 S watch employed Ripping up a Top Sain [SAIL] and Mending a Jib so ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 23..24 Long [LONGITUDE] 31..40

Wednesday 23thd This day began with Moderate weather and Light wind from NE steering SW 1/2 S saw a Ship steering to the NW Middle and latter parts had nearly the same weather steer SW employ mending a Jib nothing In sight but water the day ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 25..12 Long [LONGITUDE] 32..22

Thursday 24th Began with moderate weather and Light wind from NE Latter par [PART] had strong wind and warm weather Ship under all sail steering SW saw a Brig steering to the Eastward watch employed setting up Rigging So ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 27..25 Long [LONGITUDE] 23..50

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