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Friday 25th January 1850 Began with strong wind from N and rain Ship under all Sail steering SW at 2 PM the wind shifted suddenly in a squall handed Top gallant Sails Latter part had a moderate gale from SE carry all prudent sail Steering SW watch employed makeing [MAKING] Bungs so ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 28..50 Long [LONGITUDE] 33..55

Saturday 26th Commenced with strong wind from SE Ship double reefed Top sails steering SW Middle and Latter parts had pleasant weather and light wind set all sail saw severel [SEVERAL] breaches but could not ascertain what thay [THEY] ware [WERE] Latter part watch employed setting up Rigging so ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 30.00 Long [LONGITUDE] 35..08

Sunday 27th Throughout this day had pleasant weather and light wind from SE Ship under all sail steering by the wind to the SW the day being the Sabbath no Labour [LABOR] done more than was absolutely necessary so ends all well In Lat [LATITUDE] 31..31 Long [LONGITUDE] 36..40

Monday 28th The day began with light wind from SE and pleasant weather Ship under all sail steering SW Latter part had strong wind from NE steer SW by S onbend [UNBENT?] the fly Jib to mend starbord [STARBOARD] Employed setting up the Main Rigging In Lat [LATITUDE]33..35 Long [LONGITUDE] 39..40

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