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Tuesday 29th January 1850 Began with strong wind from S by E and dark weather at 3 PM finished mending the fly Jib and bent it shifted studding sails on the starboar [STARBOARD] Side and steered SW by S Latter part had some Rain and rather squally handed Top gallant sails and hauled up the Main Sail the day ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 35..57 Long [LONGITUDE] 41..55 west

Wednesday 30th The day Began with fresh wind from South and Rain ship under Top sails to SE at 2 PM wore Ship and set the Main sail Latter part had light wind at 9 O[']clock saw Sperm whales lowered and struck one about Noon so ends Lat [LATITUDE] 35 40 Long [LONGITUDE] 43..00

Thursday 31st Commenced with strong win[D] from W and fair weather at 3 PM took the whale a long Side [ALONGSIDE] and took in sail the remainder of the day was spent makeing [MAKING] necessary Preperations [PREPARATIONS] for cuttings at dawn[?] Bent a hawser on the Chain and veared [VEERED] him off 60 fathoms Latter part had a gale from WSW stand quarter watches Lat [LATITUDE] 35..35 Long [LONGITUDE] 42..00

Friday February 1st 1850 First part had a gale from WSW Latter part rather more moderate at 5 in Morning wore Ship and commenced cutting but made verry [VERY] bad work of it so Ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 35..25 Long [LONGITUDE] 41..40

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