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Saturday February 2ond 1850 Commenced with strong wind from NW and a greate [GREAT] sea at sunset finished cutting the boddy [BODY] and reared the head asturn [ASTERN] and set a quawter [QUARTER] watch Latter part had fair weather took in the Junk and bailed the Case So ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 35..20 Long [LONGITUDE] 41..00

Sunday 3thd Had fair weather Throughout the day all hands employed cutting Blubber and and Boiling so ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 36..09 Long [LONGITUDE] 41..56

Monday 4th Throughout this day had a fine breeze from NE and hazey [HAZY] weather Ship under Top sails steering WSW Continue Boiling nothing in sight but water and sea fouls [FOWLS} so ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 37..04 Long [LONGITUDE]

Tuesday 5th Began with light wind from N East and thick weather Ship under Top Sails steering SW by W at 11 night finished Boiling and lashed the Cask Latter part had strong wind and rain set Top gallant sails watch employed at sundry Jobs so ends no Obs [OBSERVATION] supposed Lat [LATITUDE] 38 40 Long [LONGITUDE] 44..00

Wednesday 6th Began with strong wind and squally attended with rain at 3 PM handed Top gallant sails Middle and Latter parts had variabl[E] weather and rain saw Porpases [PORPOISES] and caught one so ends all well Lat [LATITUDE] by Obs [OBSERVATION] 39..45 Long [LONGITUDE] 47..00

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