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Friday February 15th 1850 Began with A gale from WSW steer WSW Middle part Baffling wind and rain Last part had pleasant weather at 9 O[']Clock AM the Steward Dep[?] Mulford Breathed his last all hands was [WERE] called aft and Many Tears was [WERE] shed for him In Lat [LATITUDE] 48..18 Long [LONGITUDE] 56..04

Saturday 16th The day Commenced with plsant [PLEASANT] weather and light wind from WNW Ship under all possible sail steering SW in hopes to git [GET] to the Falkland Islands with the Corps[E] Middle and Latter parts had strong wind from West and clear at 9 O[']Clock in the Morning called all hands and wore Ship and after the usuel [USUAL] Cerimony [CEREMONY] Lanched [LAUNCHED] the Corpse into the Deepe [DEEP] and then wore Ship and went on our Course people variously employed so Ends In Lat [LATITUDE] 48..12 Long [LONGITUDE] 58..35

Sunday 17th Began with fair weather and strong wind WNW Ship under all sail steering to the SW Last part had the wind from SW to NW steer each way close hauled the Day being the Sabbath no Labour [LABOR] done Onboard Lat [LATITUDE] 49..30

Monday 18th Commenced with strong wind N West at 10 O[']Clock PM squared yards and steered South at daylight in the Morning the Land in sight Squared yards and steered East had strong wind from West We[?] are about 2 miles from the Land

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