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Tuesday 11th February 1850 Began fair weather and strong wind from West [???] about two miles from the Land and steer a shore Course at sunset Double Reefed and headed off Shore [OFFSHORE] at 2 Night wore ship Latter part had plesant [PLEASANT] weather went Onshore and got 42 geese and severel [SEVERAL] Ducks and two Seals so ends two Boats Onshore at the Falkland Is[LANDS]

Wednesday 20th Commenced with pleasant weather and light wind from NW at 4 PM the came from the shore squared yards and steered off SE per Compass last part had a gale from N East and hard Rain Double Reef steer SE by S nothing in sight but water no Obs [OBSERVATION] supposed Lat [LATITUDE] 53..30 Long [LONGITUDE] 56..50

Thursday 21st Began with strong wind fron N By [?] and Rain Middle part nearly Calm Latter part had a gale from East attend[ED] with snow and Rain Ship under doub[LE] Reefed Topsail and Reefed Courses steering SW by south supposed Latitude 54..25 Longitude 58..55 west

Friday 22ond Commenced with a gale from SE by South Ship under Double Reefed Topsails steer to the SW by the wind Middle and last parts had nearly the same weather nothing Occured [OCCURRED] worth remarks Latitude per Count 54..20 Longitude 60..00

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