Log of the bark Timor, 1849-1852



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Cash Account

Dr Cr
Feb 25
Feb 23 Recd from M Spice Borad 50 00
D C Barns inbi[???] 72 00 Cash to Lib 7 00
Mary[?] Osborn[?] Carpet[?] 10 00 Conklin & Strong 4 85
Feb 27 Dlib[?] 200 00 Curtains & Cord 2 50
Mch 17 Obsorn[?] Carprt[?] 11 00 " fixtures 1 72
Conklin & Strong 5 38
Mood[?] 4 00
" buk[?] 70
Tax 2 61
Potatoes 50
Carpenter 10 00
Meat 60
" 50
Doctor 2 00
Man Warring 5 50
[???] [???] [???] 96 00
Crackers & Gin 70
Strong for machine 20 00
Milk 2 50
Fanny[?] B. Wasling[?] 75
Meat 78
Butter 88
Boot Black 20
Mislin [MUSLIN] 25
Liniment [LINAMENT] 20
Iron Spoon 18

Log of the Bark Timor of Sag Harbor

280 Tons. Capt. Baker

Huntting Cooper, owner

Started Oct. 12, 1849 Returned Oct. 11, 1852

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Monday November 26th 1849 Throughout this day had strong wind from NNE and squally Ship under all sail Steering SE by E watch variously employed nothing in sight but water Latitude 34..26[?] Long [LONGITUDE] 46.37

Tuesday 27th Commenced with strong wind from NE Ship under all Sail Steering SE by E A ship in sight steering by the wind to the eastward Middle and latter part[S] had light baffling wind all hands employed looking for [???] but found none So ends all well Lat [LATITUDE] 33..50 Long [LONGITUDE] 43..55

Wednesday 28th Commenced calm and plesant [PLEASANT] weather Saw one finback all hands stowing away Lumber and Rigging latter Part had light breeze from South Steering to the eastward by the wind broke out the [???] for butter and Main hatch for water and [???] So goes Lattud by Obs [LATITUDE BY OBDSERVATION] 33..38 Long [LONGITUDE] 43..55

Thursday 29th Commenced light wind from South and dark weather Ship under all sail steer to the Eastward saw A Ship steering W by S Latter part wind and weather the same watch employed filing Cutting geer [GEAR] and other necessary duty So ends all well In Lat [LATITUDE] 33..33 Long [LONGITUDE] 40..50


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Friday 30th November Began with light wind from S by E and fair weather Ship under all sail steering to the Eastward latter part wind and weather about the same nothing in Sight but water watch employed filing cutting Geer [GEAR] So ends In Latitude 33..45 Longitude 38..30

Saturday December 1 1847 This day began with strong wind from Soth [SOUTH] by W and Dark weather Ship under all sail by the wind Starbor [STARBOARD] tacks aboard[?] Middle and Latter parts wind and weather the same nothing of consequence occured [OCCURRED] onboard so ends all well Lat by Obs [LATITUDE BY OBSERVATION] 34..00 Long [LONGITUDE] 34..00

Sunday 2nd Began with strong wind SE and pleasant weather at 4 PM raised Blackfish lowered and got two Latter part wind SE Tack Ship head up SW saw severel [SEVERAL] finbacks but no whales so ends all well In Lat [LATITUDE] Long [LONGITUDE]

Monday 3th [RD] 1849 Throughout this day had Light airs from various points of the Compass and plesant [PLEASANT] weather ship under all sail steering by the wind Starbor [STARBOARD] watch employed setting up Rigging one Ship in Sight steering to the N war [NORTHWARD] so ends Lat by Obs [LATITUDE BY OBSERVATION] 33..04 Long [LONGITUDE]

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Tuesday December 4th, 1848 Throughout this day had fair weather and ligh [LIGHT] wind from N West Ship on her course S by East at noon Set a Top Mast Studding sail Saw two finbacks but nothing else So ends Lat [LATITUDE] 32.31 Longitud [LONGITUDE]

Wednesday 5th, year Throughout this day Day strong wind from N by W and pleasant light weather attended with a great swell from the North carry all sail steering S by E per compass boil out our Blackfish and do several small jobs on the rigging so Ends All well Latitud by Obs [LATITUDE BY OBSERVATION] Long [LONGITUDE]

Thursday 6th Began with Light wind from NW and plesant [PLEASANT] weather Ship under all sail steering S by E per compass watch variously employed nothing In Sight but water Middle and latter parts had near the same weather steer close hauld [HAULED] to the SE watch overhauling potatoes three ships In Sight so ends In Lat [LATITUDE] Long [LONGITUDE] opened flour

Friday 7th Commenced a calm at 2 PM lowered a boat and put Letters Onboard of Ship Ann bound to London two other Ships In sigh [SIGHT] steering N East Latter part had a high wind from South steer by the wind watch Employed Setting up rigging saw a French Ship steering East So ends all well Lat by Obs. [LATITUDE BY OBSERVATION] 31..21 Long [LONGITUDE]

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