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The Ship Columbia Of Sag Harbor
Sailed july 9, 1845 on a whalining voyage bound to the NorthWest coast and also where Samuel B. Parsons, Capt. Johnathun C Streeton, Chief, Mage Francis Smith, Second Mate
Wednesday July 9th
This day got underway about 2 o'clock in the afternoon and went down in the bay and there come to anchor
Thursday July 10th
This day got underway at 12 o'clock the wind being ahead so that we would not fetch by the point and so we came to again.
Friday July 11th
This day got underway at daylight with a good brees from the westward and at 10 ocloch Sgt of the Montock Point ______ a big standing in for the land under a ____ of sail and so ends the first day from home.

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