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To The Coast of Patagoina
Remarks On board Wednesday Sept 27 AD
First part light airs from West & hazy
sail set Middle part light steady breases from
NW Latter part fine light breases & cloudy
with rain [illegible] Employes in taking

Course Dist D latt Dep Latt in LLong Long in
S11E 107 105 20 6.30 20 21.25 West
Remarks on board Thursday Sept 28th AD 1820
First part fine light breases from NNW with
[illegible] rain steard south Middle part strong
winds from WSW & steard [illegible]
Latter part fresh gales from SE squally at
1 PM 2& reffed the topsails at 5 put one riif &
got in top gallant said 2 am sailing Employed

Course Dist D latt Dep Latt in LLong Long in
S35E 73 60 42 5.30 42 20.43
Remarks on board Friday Sept 29th AD 1820
First part fresh winds from SSW steard SE
Middle part fresh gales & squally Latter
part fresh breases fro SSW steared SE saw
nothing Employed in ships duties so ends

Course Dist Dlatt Dep Latt in LLong Long in
[torn] 70 6 70 5.24 70 19.33

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