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harbor to the coast of Patagonia
Remarks on board Sunday October 15th AD 1820
First part fine trades fron ENE steard ESW
all sail Middle part fine trades & pleasant
Latter part fine trades & pleasant weather
saw nothing All hands employed in
ships duties so ends these 24 hours

Course Dist Dlatt Dep Lattin D long Long i n
S17W 141 135 41 19.44 44 31.35
Remarks on board Monday October 16th AD 1820
First part light trades from ENE & pleasant
Middle part light trades from NE steard SSW
Latter part light trades and calm saw nothing
All board employed in fiting the outing
g[]n so goes these 24 hours

Course Dist Dlatt Dep Lattin Llong Long in
S18W 83 79 26 20.33 27 31.02 W
Remarks on board Sunday Octorber 17th AD 1820
First part light airs & calm saw nothing
Middle part light breeses from SE Latter part
light airs & hasy saw a number of []
back whales likewise saw a brig Employed in coopering []
sperm oil so ends these 24 housrs

Course Dist Dlatt Dep Latt in Dlong Long in
S24West 44 41 16 21.14 17 39.19

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