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Journal of a voyage from Sag
Remarks On board Tuesday October 24th AD 1[820
First part fresh winds from ESE & cloudy
steard SW by S Middle part fresh gales from
East at 10 1 reef the topsail Latter part
fresh gales with main took in jib & spanker
had hand [] [] saw a plenty of
porpoises Employed in ships duties so ends

Course Dist Latt Dep Latt in I Long Long in
E 38 N 14.0 110 86 3329 102 39 18 West
Remarks On board Wednesday October 25th 1820
First part fresh gales from ENE steard SW
under 2 reef topsail at fund the mainsail
at 6PM took in sail & [] to Middle part
strong gales from ESE Latter part strong
gale from ENE with small main saw some
whale [illegible] so ends these 24 hours

Course Dist [ ] [] [ ] I long Long in []
37 W 54 43 33 341 40 39.58 West
Remarks On board Thursday October 26th 1820
First part fresh winds from ENE with a bad
sea at 4 PM set the fore sail steard WSW
saw a [illegible]at 6 PM saw One right
whale & a number of finback at 7 hove to Latter
part light wind with a bad sea [] []
finbacks steard WSW Employd in ships duties

Course Dist I latt dep Latt in I long Long in []
207 115 31 68 35 44 80 [torn]

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