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For Right whales an sperm
Remarks on board Saturday December 16th AD 1820
These 24 hours begin with fine light breeses from
NNW at 2 PM found one dead whale took her
along side & cut her from her finns Middle &
Latter part fine light breeses fro NW saw
whales had blue water at & began to stow
down in the fore hole so end Latt 38.15

Remarks on board Sunday December 17th 1820
These 24 hours begins with fine pleasant breeses
fro NW at 5 PM finished stwoing down
86 bbls in the forehole Middle part light winds
from NWA Latter part light breeses from NW
saw whale struck one stow the starboard
[] at 11 struck another killed & sunk her
Employed in boiling so end no Obbs

Remarks on Monday December 18th AD 1820
First part pleasant breeses fro NNWA
struck & killed one shale at 2 took her
along side && cut her in Middle part cloudy
had some fine rain Latter part pleasant
breeses fro NNW at 10 began to stow down in
after hole saw 1 or 2 whales Employed in
boilling so ends 24 hours Latt 38.43

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