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Cruising On the false bank
Remarks On Monday January 8th AD 1821
These 24 hours begins with light wind & varablles
steard WSW at 2 PM finsihed stowing down
80 bbls in the main hole Midd part fresh wind
from NNW &Latter part strong gales from
NNW & cloudy steard WSW at 10 lost sight of
the brig & took in sails & hove to so end Latt 41..16

Remarks On Tuesday January 9ty AD 1821
These 24 Commences with fresh gales from NW
At 4PM [] moderate set the foresail Middle
part high wind from SE at 3 move ship to
the westward. Latter part fresh gales SSW
steard West saw no whales Employed in
ships duties so ends these 24 hours no Obs.

RemarksOn Wednesday January 10th AD 1821
These 24 hours begins with fresh gales from
SW with big squalls saw a pleanty of whale
inds & white porposes Middle part fresh gales
from SW Latter part fresh winds from SW at
7 PM set the foresail out & set the topsails Employ
ed in ships duties so end blue water Latt 40.47

Remarks on Thursday January 11 AD 1821
These 24 hours begins with fresh winds from
SW & WSW steard WNW & NW at 9 PM tacked ship
to the soutward Middle part light winds Latter
light wind from NW saw whales struck one
[] struck another & killed her at
11 took her a long side & bega to cut no Abs

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