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Ship Daniel Webster from Sag Harbor Fords
Remarks on Board Tuesday August 27th 1833
The first part of this 24 hours fresh winds from SW by West
2 PM all hands on Board at 3 PM got under Way and
stood out of th Harbour at 5 pm Past Gardners Point
Stowed out anchors and chains at half Past 7. PM
Montock Lighthouse bore WNW Distance about 7 miles
Middle part strong breezes and and Havy Weathe Latter
Part Much the same thick and rainy so ends this Day

Latitute by obs vation 40 01 N
Longitude by Chronometor 69 35

Remarks on Board Wednesday August 28th 1833
This Day Commences with Strong Breezes from the SW
With thick and havy Weathe at 8 PM Took in top Gallant
sails & Double Reft Topsails Middle part thick and """
Latter part light Breezes from the W Engaged in """
"" out in the after Hatch and storing things away
And fiting the Boats for Whailing

Latitude by obs vation 39 10 N
Longitude by chronometor 57 15

Remarks on Board Thursday August 29th 1833
This 24 Commences With Modrate breezes from the SSW
With thick and rainty Employed in fiting the Boats
For whailing Middle part more rugged at 2 PM. took in
Light sails and Reeft topsails Latter part a fresh
Gale from NWE Steering E by S

Latitutde by obs vation 38 55 N
Longitutde by Chronometor 55 00

Remarks on Board Friday August 30th. 1833
This 24 hours With fresh gales from the North to North
West Steering E by S Set more Sail all hands bisely Empl
oyed in fiting the ship for Whailing Middle part thick and
Havy Latter much the same so Ends this Day

Latitude by obs vation 39 00 N
Longitude by Ch

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