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Ship Daniel Webster of Sag Harbor Fords the
Remarks on Board Saturday, August 31th 1833
This 24 hours commences with fresh gales and havy Weather
The Wind North by E Steering East by South took in Light
Sales Hands imployed in geting the craft in order for
Whailing Middle part the Weather more moderate Latt
er part fine and pleasant Weathe the Winds halls
to North North East set all sail imployed in bending
the Fore and main Spencer five of our crew sick
Knot able to Dough Duty
Latitude by obsvation 38.04 N
Longitude by Chronometer 58.39
Remarks on Board Sunday August 1th 1833-
These 24 hours Commence with Light Winds from the
South allHands bisely imployed in fiting? for Whails
ng? Middle part the Wind halls to the South West
and Blows a fresh gale Steering East by South Latter
Part fresh gales at 8 A M set studingsails so Ends this
Latitude by obsvation 38.41N
Longitude by Chronometer 56.37
Remarks on Board Monday September 2th 1833
These 24 hours Commences with fresh gales from the
South West Steering E by South with thick and havy Weat
her Middle part Strong gals took i top Gallant Sai
ls and (Reest?) the top sails. Latter part the same
fresh Gales and Havy Weather Nothing more Worth of {remark}
Latitude by obsvation 30.28N
Longitude by Chronometer 52.45W
Remarks on Board Tuesday September 3th 1833
These 24 hours Commences with fresh gales and havy
Weather from the Westward Steering (Ely?) S at 2 p M
Set top gallant Sails. Middle part rainy Latter
Part more pleasant. Nothing more Worth of remark
Latitude by obsvation 32?. 90? N
Longitude by {illergible}

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