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Ship David Webster of Sag Harbour bound on
Remarks on board Saturday, September 16th
The first part of these 24 hours fine and pleasant weath
er with light baffling winds from the S to WSW employed in
boiling out Saw nothing wothy of remark
Latitude obs 32"16 North
Longitude by Chronometer 27"42 West
Remarks on board Sunday, September 17th 1837
The first part of these 24 hours fine and pleasant
[outline of a whale drawn around text] weather with light breezes from the South heading WSW by the
wind at 11PM finished boiling our whale latter part
rather thick and havy wind halls to SSE heading SW by
the wind saw nothing worthy of remark.
Latitude by obs 31"33 North
Longitude by Chron. 29"05 West
Remarks on board Monday, September 18th
First part of these 24 hours fresh winds from the SSE steer
ing SW by S thick and havy saw nothing middle part rainy
latter part drissely weather imployed in stowing our
spare spars. Nothing more worthy of remark.
Latitude obs 30"59 North
Longitude by Chronometer 29"27 West
Remarks on board Tuesday, September 19th 1837
Begins with strong breezes from ESE thick and
rainy steering SSW middle part took in light sails
double reeft the topsails furld the main sail & gyb
very squally latter part more moderate set the
main sail and gyb saw nothing nothing occurd
worth of remark.
Latitude obs 29"12 North
Longitude by Ch 29"47 West

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