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on a whailing in the Atlantic & Pacific CHH
Remarks on board Thursday, October 5th
Begins with fresh breezes from SSW by SW heading
S by E on the wind middle part thick and havy
latter part rainy to men not able to do duty
sick Sam & William Mitchel not dangerous
Latitude obs 4"15 North
Longitude by Ch 21"05 West
Remarks on board October 6th 1837
Thes 24 hours begins with strong breezes from
the South heading SE by E middle part thick
& rainy latter part clears saw a ship afar
of called it the Frankling of Sag Harbour
At 11AM tacked ship to W by S Bend fore
and main spencers saw no whales
Latitude obs 3"52 North
Longitude by Ch 18"48 West
Remarks on board Saturday, October 7th
This day begins with fine and pleasant
weather with light breezes from the South
heading WSW by the wind middle and latter
part pleasant at 11AM past a Engli
sh barge a whailor saw nothing imploy
ed in making a strainer for scraps fiti
ng for whales
Latitude by obs 3"12 North
Longitude by Ch 19"31 West
Remarks on board Sunday, October 8th 1837
This 24 hours begins with a fresh breeze from the
South heading WSW by the wind on sail in light
Latitude obs 1"58 North saw nothing
Longitude by Chronometer 20"35 West

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