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on a whailing voyage in the Atlantic & Pacific
SHH Master
Remarks on board Saturday, Octob 28 1837
The first part of thes 24 hours strong gales from
SE by S to S by E steering by the wind S by W double
reeft top sails saw a number of fin backs & porpoise
& whail birds middle part squally & rainy
latter part more pleasant saw nothing
more worth of remark.
Latitude by obs 34"51 South
Longitude by Ch 31"40 West
Remarks on board Sunday, Octob 29th 1837
Begins with strong breezes and rugged weather from
SE to SSE heading East double reeft middle par
t moderates latter part set hole topsails at 8AM
saw three Right Whales loward got one of them at 11
AM took him along side & commenced cuting whales
working NNE fast.
Latitude obs 34"46 South
Longitude by Ch 30"50 West
[drawing of a whale with "75 barels" written inside the body, "No. 2" written underneath]
Remarks on board Monday, Octo 30th 1837
The first part of these 24 hours pleasant finished
cuting our whale at 5PM took in sail heading
SE middle part pleasant latter part maid sai
l and steerd NNE at 8AM saw 3 Right Whales
loward away our oats and dug for them hard could
not catch them boiling.
Latitude by obs 34"43 South
Longitude by Ch 31"14 West
[drawing of a whale tail, "saw them" written next to the tail]

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